Mission of Excellence

Our mission at Minute Man of America, Inc. is to be strongly committed to the highest principles of honesty and to be committed in maintaining high standards of integrity and ethics. 

Our mission to our customers is to be strongly committed to providing professional, quality service to each and every customer and potential customer.  Our mission is to serve our clients faithfully, with integrity and professional responsibility.  Our mission is to be responsive to rapid growth and marketplace changes, to develop strong relationships with our clients and temporaries, and to be committed to providing our clients with the best candidate for the job. 

 Our mission to our employees and applicants is to treat all without prejudice, with respect, and do the utmost to find them employment.  We will supply the applicant or employee with complete and accurate information about each job assignment.  Our mission is also to maintain a trust between the employees and our staff in order to develop and retain strong relationships for future business. 

 Our mission to one another is to create a work environment which will nurture and develop each team member to respect one another and to be humble.  Our mission is to remain loyal to the company in its objectives and to gain a healthy trust so that all in-house personnel works as a team for the team, is the asset of any company.

 Deborah Dunn

President, Minute Man of America, Inc.

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